Sunday, April 16, 2017

Subitizing; not just dots!

Let's talk about Subitizing!  Most teachers think dot cards when they think subitizing.  But what about the higher order thinking?  Can students really see numbers quickly using things besides dots?  YES! 
In my class we work on subitizing using many different number representations!  That's great right?!?  But I'm sure you're wondering "What else can I do with those silly cards?"!  So if that's you... keep reading to find out 5 ways to use SUBITIZING CARDS in the classroom!

1. Recognizing numbers and the different ways they are represented using the number, dice, ten frames and tally marks! 

Students simply place the number in a pocket chart and sort the cards to go under which number it represents.  

Students can record their number and the different ways to represent that number.

2. Counting on!

Pick a number and write the next 3 numbers.

3. Comparing numbers using the game of "war" or a recording sheet!

Higher number wins, or choose to use the lowest number.  

Pick two cards, write the number then record the correct sign.

4. Making combos up to 5 or 10!

Whole group activity, give each student one card and they must find a partner who has a card that equals 5 or 10 (or any number between 0-10).  Once they have a match they bring them back to you and they get a new card.  They will then go find a new partner to make the number. 

5. Addition and Subtraction with more than just numbers! 

Use manipulatives to help them check their work.

Use recording sheet to check for student understanding.

Don't forget to differentiate for those tricky teen numbers.

Check out this Subitizing Bundle on TpT for all the great themed cards you see in the pictures plus more!!!